2016 International Capecutter Week

The arrangements for the 2016 International Capecutter Week continue to develop.

Mike Brooke has agreed to do a talk / masterclass on the Sunday evening, on sailing a CC19, covering rig, tuning and sail set for tackling the round the island race and sailing round the UK.

This will be a most useful (and entertaining) event, and all who participate will no doubt enjoy, and learn from it.

Mike Brooke is eminently qualified to deliver the talk / masterclass. He chose the Capecutter 19 as the boat to use for his successful sail around Britain in 2008 to raise money for the charities: ‘Fight for Sight’, the ‘Cetacean Research & Rescue Unit’ and ‘Guide Dogs for the Blind’ . Mike subsequently published a book about his experiences on that voyage.

Mike also subsequently achieved three class wins in the “Round the Island” race with his (then) Capecutter 19 “Sea Badger II”.

Mike is the current President of the Capecutter 19 Association.

The talk / masterclass will take place at Chichester Yacht Club which is the base for the week. We’ve chosen the Sunday as it will be more useful at the start of the week, and Mike can then provide further practical help during the week for people that want it either in the marina or from his Harbour launch.

If you are interested please contact the Webmaster or Paul Turner.

As a taster, he is a picture of Mike on initial ‘solo training’ on board Sea Badger II in Chichester Harbour (Itchenor Reach) prior to his round Britain voyage in 2008.


This is a video compilation of the highlights from the 2015 gathering: