The Cape Cutter 19 has turned out to be the perfect boat for our family, although it took us some time to  discover it.

We’d met someone with a Drascombe longboat, who took us for a sail in it. We were immediately struck by shallow draught, stability and large amount of space (especially compared to a dinghy!).

This set us thinking about the family adventures we could have. I did not think it was very sensible to have a cabin on a boat less than 20 feet, so we were looking at open boats. However, looking round at the boat show 2011, we were struck by how the cabin would make quite a difference: we felt that after a season or two, we would feel limited by a day boat, whereas it would be great fun to make passage (I might add that we live in the Midlands and wanted a trailer sailor, so that we would not be tied to one piece of coast). Russell had been raving about the CC ( he just bought his), and we were very impressed with the CC at the Honnor stand. The internal layout is very good, it’s very pretty and it’s quite a bit cheaper than a Shrimper.

Almost a season after buying one (second hand on brokerage from Honnor), we are very pleased with it. We have made passage to the Isle of Wight, had numerous day sails and all four of us can sleep on it (though its snug!). More adventures planned this year and, like others, I have had great fun fitting it the interior with electrics.

You can find out more about Aurora and how we enjoy her by clicking here.