Cape Cutter 19 Blogs

Some of our most active owners blog about their travels and modifications. If you like to keep abreast of the latest news, before it gets to this class association website, you should follow each of the following blogs. All of the blogs so far are using WordPress, which, when coupled with a smart phone like the iPhone or equivalent, allows owners to take pictures through the day, then write up and post a blog in the evening. Technology is a marvellous thing!

Feel free to browse through these:-

Aurora –

Zephyr – [now in new ownership]

Halcyon –

Drift –

If you are a Cape Cutter 19 owner and would like to know how to run your own blog, just ask! Just looking at the three above it’s clear that much is going on and many modifications are being made. They also provide some great ideas of where to take your own boat for some great Cape Cutter 19 sailing time.