001The Cape Cutter 19 was developed by Nick & Lyndsay Voorhoeve. Their mission was to provide an outstanding classic yacht for sailing pleasure. Their love of traditional boats developed in the Caribbean where they purchased and renovated a Dudley Dix designed Shearwater excursion schooner for day sailing. Impressed by her good looks and sailing ability, Nick and Lyndsay contacted Dudley on their return to South Africa and commissioned him to design the Cape Cutter 19.

Originally to be called the “Inspiration 19” it was launched as the Cape Cutter 19 to reflect its origins, Cape Town and the Cape of Good Hope.

The first 55 boats were built in South Africa by Cape Yachts, but due to currency fluctuations at the time between the South African Rand and the UK £, Nick sold the rights of GRP and wooden construction, including all the tooling to Bob and Norma Brown at Honnor Marine Ltd who now build the boats in Rochdale, Lancashire, England.