Mary Ann

maryannefront1I’m mainly a lake sailor. My introduction to sailing was (mainly) Drascombe based. I had a friend with a Lugger who trail sailed it, that was about 30 years ago. Fifteen years ago we acquired a new neighbour who had a Hunter Medina and took me sailing in it. He quickly changed that for a Drascombe Coaster, in which I frequently sailed and had the occasional weekend sleepover.

Needless to say I was hooked.

In 2001 I started to look for a boat of my own, I saw the original Cape Cutter at the Southampton Boat Show that year.
I bought a second hand Winkle Brig in Jan 2002. In many ways it was the ideal boat. Very pretty, gaff rigged, tan sails, excellent cabin space (no centreboard case due to twin lifting bilge keels). It sailed well for its size.

I sailed this boat for seven seasons and it gave a good insight into what I really wanted in a boat.

Basically I wanted a slight bigger Winkle Brig for better sailing performance.
I went to the 2008 Southampton Boat show, expecting to come away with a Cornish Shrimper.
I looked at the (new) Drascombe Drifter but was not impressed with the internal layout or the quality of finish.
I did not get a very good reception at the Cornish Crabbers stand (it turned out they had other things on their mind, they went into receivership during the following week).
Then I stumbled across the Cape Cutter 19 at the Honnor Marine stand.
I ended up buying that boat. (After the show).

I have sailed Mary Ann for four seasons now, and I cannot stop grinning. It was one of the best decisions I have ever made.
I (I mean the boat) get admiring glances (and comments) wherever I take her. But it is the sailing performance which really does it for me. I frequently outsail much larger yachts in our club, especially in light winds. When it is blowing I am often out enjoying it, whilst the bigger boats are tied up at the club marina.

I sail mainly single handed, the Cape Cutter is ideal for this. The cutter rig gives lots of options as the wind strength varies, and it looks good too, especially if you opt for a yankee rather than a genoa (my boat came with both).

I have made many modifications to the boat to suit my needs, but that for me is part of the pleasure of ownership. I cannot envisage me owning a different boat as long as I am able bodied.