“Pipistrelle” Circumnavigation of UK

David Farquhar has owned Capecutter 19 number 11 “Pipistrelle” for ten years.
He told me that he had circumnavigated the UK once, and was in the process of doing it for a second time. He expects to pass the 4000 Nm mark in her this year.

Here is a quote from David:

“Essentially, the (first) trip was spread over 3 years: 2005 Ardfern to Eyemouth, 2006 Eyemouth to Lymington, 2007 Lymington to Ardfern. Mainly solo with some legs accompanied. About 1700 nm if my memory serves correctly. Like most such adventures I went for a sail for a few days to see how well the boat went and hopped my way up the Scottish coast to Kinlochbervie! More later.”

The “more later” that David has promised, is details from “Pipistrelle’s” log book. Watch this space.

Has anyone got a better tale to tell?