Forum Rules- Please read before posting

If this is your first visit, please read this first before posting or replying to messages.

Forum Rules- Please read before posting

Postby Simon Head » Fri Mar 27, 2009 12:10 am

The Cape Cutter 19 Association Forum

The Forum is provided by the Cape Cutter 19 Association for use by its members and the general public to facilitate the exchange of views and information of interest to members. It is maintained by a Forum Administrator.

The rules and guidelines are designed to strike a balance between the main purpose of the Forum and keeping a relaxed and welcoming atmosphere for the users. They encourage contributors who are courteous, polite and respectful but censor those who choose to behave in a disrespectful and/or irresponsible manner.

Please read the following rules and guidelines very carefully. By proceeding to post you agree to these guidelines and must obey them at all times. Refusal to obey these guidelines will result in the appropriate responsive actions.

Members need to register and confirm that their email address is valid before they can start posting and replying to messages.

The Forum is split into two main sections:- a public section that anyone can read and a 'Cape Cutter 19 Association Business (Members Only)' section only readable by Cape Cutter 19 Association members. The purpose of the Members only section is to provide a place for postings that should not be viewable by non-members such as the discussion of Cape Cutter 19 Association related issues. It also includes a section for recruiting crew and for adhoc social sailing. The reason that these two elements are in the members section is due to the fact that posts in these forums may include telephone numbers or e-mail addresses.

The Forum is moderated to preserve the spirit of an open, interactive discussion. The Moderators are volunteers. They have the power to edit, move or remove inappropriate postings and to close topics. They will inform an offending member which rule has been broken and what action has been taken. If a member persistently breaks the rules then a Moderator has the power to ban that member from using the Forum.

By participating in the Cape Cutter 19 Association Forum, members agree to abide by the rules and guidelines.

The Cape Cutter 19 Association, the Forum Administrator and its Forum Moderators reserve the right to remove, edit or delete without notice any and all content placed in the Forum that is judged to contravene any rule or that could, in any other way, be considered inappropriate. If a member is unsatisfied with the action taken by moderator they should, in the first place, contact the moderator using a Private Message. If the problem cannot be resolved, then the moderator and user must send their positions to the Forum Administrator who will make the final decision.

What you should do:
1 Keep on topic. Responses to a particular thread should be on-topic and pertain to the discussion. Threads that veer off topic may be closed by a Moderator or moved to a new topic.

2 Use the 'New Topic' button to start a new discussion which would otherwise be off-topic in the current thread. When starting a new topic, make the subject line clear and informative.

3 Keep postings considerate, polite, courteous and respectful.

What you must not do:
1 Submit posts meant to offend or hurt any other member.

2 Use offensive, inflammatory or obscene language. Word filters are in place for the most vulgar terms.

3 Use racial, ethnic or gender-based insults, or any other personal discriminations.

4 Make personal attacks on other members either in public forums or private messages.

5 Make false and malicious statements for the purpose of defaming a living person.

6 Post obscene images.

7 Impersonate another user, use a false identity or create multiple accounts for the purpose of deception.

8 Post spam.

9 Promote the commercial interests of a business. This does not include the recommendation of a third party supplier of goods or services.

10 Post copyrighted material or otherwise illegal material.

11 Post information in the public section that concerns Cape Cutter 19 Association internal business and is not in the best interests of the Association to be made public.

12 Post the content of a Private Message without the permission of the sender.

1 Before posting, please read what's already there before posting a question. You may be repeating what others have already said or asked. Use the search facility before you post to see if the answer is already on the Forum.

2 Read the FAQ and the “Sticky” postings at the top of a topic.

3 When starting a new topic, make the subject line clear and informative. It makes the topic easy to find.

4 You can discuss anything you like but if it's wildly off the topic of small boat sailing please put it in 'The Lazarette' section.

5 Stay on topic. Replies should be answers to the original question. Try not to create sub-conversations in a thread as it complicates reading and really doesn't belong in the thread. If you have a discussion topic that was suggested from reading a thread, just start a new thread.

6 Avoid typing in UPPER CASE, which is considered to be SHOUTING.

7 Be careful about the use of humour in text. It can be misinterpreted without the usual face-to-face visual clues. Using emoticons can help

8 Don't be patronising or sarcastic. It can come across ten times worse on-line.

9 Learn to let go - don't keep harping on about the same thing, or harking back to previous arguments. It is rarely productive to do so, and you can end up going round in circles.

10 Sometimes, a discussion thread strays off into a friendly dialogue or a heated debate among a very small number of users. For these exchanges, we ask that you please use the Private Message feature that is provided throughout the Forum or the e-mail system. Public forum posts should be reserved for matters of interest to the general membership.

Definitions and abbreviations

A forum consists of a tree like directory structure containing at the lowest end topics (commonly called threads) and inside them posts. Logically forums are organised into a finite set of generic topics contributed to by a group known as members, and governed by a group known as moderators.

The abuse of electronic messaging systems to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately.

A private message or personal message is like an e-mail sent from the Forum by a user to another user. Personal messages are more anonymous than regular e-mail messages because the e-mail address (and IP address) of the sender and recipient are not made available, with the exception of administrators and sometimes moderators.

List of frequently asked questions and their answers. To avoid repeatedly answering the same questions, users are requested to read the FAQ first.
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