Cape Cutter in Sailing Today

The January 2014 edition of the magazine Sailing Today has a three page article on the Cape Cutter 19.

The article features Don Cousin’s boat “Dipper” which was taken for a sail by Don and Jake Frith the author.

As you would expect the article is complimentary, it gives a short history of Honnor Marine, as well as desciptions of the sailing characteristics and physical features of the boat. There also a couple of excellent photos of “Dipper” under full sail.

A couple of quotes should give the general flavour of the article:

“She’s an attractive boat with a surprising turn of speed, especially in light airs”, and referring to her accommodation “The highlight for me was her interior …. a tried and tested formula for a couple cruising alone or with small Children.”

And finally “She’s impressive to sail, and I’m sure she’d give many a larger, modern cruiser a run for her money, especially in light airs, and look achingly beautiful while doing it.”