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Anchor Well Drain57 viewsMade from 1x 1/2" BSP elbow, 1x 1/2 BSP hex nipple, 3/4" internal diamater (1" external) plastic tube, and 2x jubilee clips.
Companionway Steps 0158 viewsMade from odd bits of wood in the garage, plus some Treadmaster
Companionway Steps 0256 viewsSteps sit on the ridge of the keel casing and the wooden edge of the berth. The two bit of wood lock the step into place and stop it sliding forward
Companionway Steps 0351 viewsIn place on the berth
Shelves - Port49 viewsI am no woodworker(!), but they do the job
Shelves - Starboard52 viewsThe thing hanging down from the unvarnished wood is a bracket for a tablet with Navionics. It swings out into the hatchway. The radio is in a charging cradle
Solar Panel45 viewsUsed when boat is on mooring and not in use
Solar Panel 0243 viewsWhen not in use is under the cockpit seat, held by velcro strips
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