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Postby Stephen Foyle » Sun Dec 02, 2018 9:28 pm

Hello All.

Have recently joined the Assoc. & have found your forum very helpful in learning about your lovely CC 19s.

Have come from a background of sailing dinghies from a young age, then windsurfing both racing & wave sailing.
Following a knockout,haven’t windsurfed for 2 years but bought a Deben Lugger for a sailing fix while recovering.
Love sailing and exploring in her but unfortunately on visiting Bob B in Rochdale happened to see a CC19 in for refurbishment and find it hard to get her out of my mind!

Most of what I read about the boat has only confirmed the suitability of such a craft. Am based in the South of Ireland, having a holiday house by the sea with a launching slip Youghal Bay,5 mins drive away. There is a shed by the house where I keep the Lugger & dry sail her from there. House to rigged on the water is 35 mins solo.

Am not yet in a financial position to buy a CC but its my intention to learn as much as possible first so I will know what to look for when purchasing a second hand boat. I crew on a few yacht deliveries around the coast but have never sailed a Cape Cutter19. All hints & advice would be most welcome.

The forum has already answered most of my questions. However I am still wondering about the time element of rigging & launching a CC singlehanded. Quite often I have a crew but mostly sail singlehanded.
A mooring is well possible but would like to know what the consensus is amongst experienced sailors. Should I stick with the Lugger to get more sailing time & ease of launching or is the CC 19 worth the extra time in rigging up ?

Also,maybe I am being a bit cheeky but I see there are CC owners based in Ireland, would a sail in one of your boats be possible in the Spring/Summer? I can read all there is about a boat but there is no substitute for sailing & advice from experienced owners.

May I also add how helpful Dennis and Steve have been in setting up my membership with a warm welcome and advice.

Stephen Foyle

P.S May I ask members roughly how long they generally need to rig up for a trailered boat & to de rig please? And the time needed for same,for a moored boat?
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Postby Nick Martin » Mon Dec 17, 2018 8:06 pm

Hi Stephen,
You asked about solo handling and rigging / time taken.
Almost all of my sailing has been single-handed - including the towing, launching and recovery. It was a bit of a slow business to start with, but with various mods to the boat (like snap-shackles on everything possible and drop-nose pins instead of bolts etc) and streamlining my stowing etc - I got turning up on the trailer to launching and rigging down to not much over half an hour .. and recovery and packing up to drive away down to an hour or less .. I often went on long trips off the West Coast of Scotland, so sometimes there was quite a bit in the way of stores, fuel, water etc to load - which added a little more time.
Having said that, I suspect a lot of folk find that it all takes a bit longer .. but it's well worth it!... I've had my CC a long time as I never found a better boat - big or small (and I've sailed all sorts of boats) .. They are amazingly safe, easy to sail and forgiving .. I have occasionally been caught out in appalling conditions and the boat has more than proved herself .. it's only creeping medical problems that are, sadly, now forcing me to sell her.
If the boat was on a mooring, then it's just a few minutes to get going - assuming that you leave the sails bent on .. In my case, I would probably take just the genoa off as I don't have a sacrificial strip on mine - so, a few minutes to thread the sheets and clip on the tack and head .. the mainsail has a cover which unzips in seconds .. I would pull the sails up on the buoy or as I motored out on the autopilot.
Prior to my CC, I had a Drascombe Lugger that I used as a camping trailer-sailer - which was wonderful .. but, as my desire to cruise father away grew - and blind enthusiasm gave way to wisdom - my sailing was looking increasingly foolhardy .. and then, I discovered the CC in a yachting mag and bought the first one I could find! .. It's very different to a Lugger .. everything is bigger and heavier .. BUT not that much .. AND - a CC is hugely safer - a little boat that thinks it's a big boat .. from my perspective, much more fun - and suddenly my SAFE cruising range extended enormously.
You sound to have quite a lot of experience in sailing .. from what you say, I would think that you could quickly learn manage a CC - especially if someone closer to home could give you a go first .. Get saving up!
Nick Martin
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Postby Stephen Foyle » Tue Dec 18, 2018 9:18 pm


Thank you for taking the time to reply to all my questions. Delighted to read that you have your rigging/launching, derigging down to a short time. It was a concern but now I see it’s not a problem with the right modifications to the boat and a big whallop of experience.

I absolutely concur with you re longer passages in the Lugger & relative sea safety. Am in the middle of a navigation course & already am looking forward to cruising in my own boat. You are correct, blind enthusiasm has to be trumped by common sense & you have convinced me the CC will be able for open sea passages. We have our own River Blackwater here,with 17 miles of navigable water, much of it sailable. The CC will also be able for that.

You obviously have made many appropriate mods to your boat. What a pity am not yet in a position to buy her. As I said I need to learn about what to look for in the CC first. Also sell the lugger (in very good ,well cared for condition so should manage that) & save some more money!

However,am now absolutely convinced the CC is the boat to buy & I thank you for your advice & also filling me with enthusiasm ! Hopefully in 2019....

Many thanks,

Stephen Foyle
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Postby erbster » Wed Feb 20, 2019 9:27 pm

I’m obviously not as proficient/organised as Nick, as it takes me about 2 hours from arrival to launch (solo). Too long for weekends but, as Nick said well worth it. The boat does require some mods for swifter rigging (though I’m not a fan of snap shackles). I divide my time between a mooring for the mid/late season, along with some travelling earlier in the season.

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